Doula Massage for Auburn Mothers to Be


A doula massage therapist can provide different types of massage techniques to help with pain release and relaxation, including:

•  Swedish massage techniques
•  Western massage techniques
•  Shiatsu massage techniques
•  Eastern massage techniques

The gentle pressure from a Swedish massage when applied by our birth doula relaxes muscles and improves circulation. This pregnancy massage helps expecting Auburn mothers to re-balance their hormone levels, thus, reducing stress and increasing relaxation. Feeling better, a pregnant woman can surely sleep better after a birth doula massage.

A Shiatsu pregnancy massage is focused on the meridians and pressure points of Auburn women. Routines, palming and thumbing are the techniques used by our birth doula in this massage.

Pregnancy Massage for Auburn Moms


A woman can benefit from getting a massage for different purposes, including:

•  A fertility massage
•  A prenatal massage
•  A hyno pregnancy massage
•  A postpartum massage

A fertility massage is the first treatment for any Auburn woman trying to conceive – either naturally or assisted. The purpose of this pregnancy massage is to open the conception channels.

Our birth doula can make pregnancy a little easier for expecting Auburn mothers with a prenatal massage. This is a combination of a relaxing and nurturing approach.

A hypno pregnancy massage aims to prepare Auburn moms for the acts of physical birth. This pregnancy massage is given while you listen to an audio track wherein you will feel a deep state of relaxation, enabling you to be ready for birth mentally and physically.

A postpartum pregnancy massage from a birth doula aims to correct postural distortions pregnancy and delivery has brought to an Auburn mother.

Birth Doula Massage • Perfect for Finding Comfort and Relaxation


The benefits of a birth doula pregnancy massage include:

•  Shortens labor
•  Eases pain
•  Provides comfort and relaxation

A Certified Birth Doula can shorten the length of labor of any Auburn woman, can reduce the need for your pain medications or artificial birthing. Short labor means better health for you and your baby.

A birth doula pregnancy massage eases pain and anxiety for Auburn moms. When a mother who gives birth is reassured and is not tensed, possible complications are reduced.

Regular pregnancy massage and touch therapy are beneficial for Auburn women throughout this stage. These pregnancy massage techniques prepare you for labor and childbirth. A birth doula is proven to be especially useful for the whole family, too, not just for the mothers-to-be. A birth doula takes care of everything that the family might have missed. Enlist the help of a birth doula in Auburn, WA and ease the strain of labor.