Doula Massage for Federal Way Mothers to Be


We have an experienced and fully qualified therapist who is able to offer birth doula pregnancy massage techniques for mothers to be living in Federal Way, WA. Why not consider a relaxing birth doula pregnancy massage to help relax and comfort you.

Doula is a term that is given to a therapist who is trained to give support to mothers to be in times of pregnancy and birth. Doula is a Greek word which translates as 'women's servant'. This means that our therapist is there to support you in the Federal Way area throughout all of your pregnancy and birthing process with birth doula pregnancy massage therapy.

The goal of a birth doula pregnancy massage is to help Federal Way mothers enjoy a memorable birthing experience as safe and as natural as is possible. Our birth doula pregnancy massage therapist is here in the Federal Way area to help you through each stage of pregnancy and birth, allowing you the comfort and the support that any mother could wish for.

We provide:

•  Birth doula pregnancy massage for pain release
•  Birth doula pregnancy massage for relaxation
•  Birth doula pregnancy massage for pampering yourself

Pregnancy Massage for Federal Way Moms


During pregnancy, a birth doula pregnancy massage can help with many discomforts that being pregnant can give a Federal Way mother to be. Our fully trained and sympathetic therapist is here to help you to relax and give comfort to all mothers to be who live in Federal Way.

A birth doula pregnancy massage can help:

•  Reduce swelling
•  Relieve aches and pains
•  Improve sleep
•  Improve circulation
•  Prepare the body for labor

If you are living in Federal Way, there is no need to wait until you are in labor because a birth doula pregnancy massage can help you from the beginning of pregnancy right through to birth and beyond.

Birth Doula Massage • Perfect for Finding Comfort and Relaxation


If you live in Federal Way and are a mother to be, why not consider a birth doula pregnancy massage. Our trained therapist for Federal Way is experienced in offering birth doula massages.

A doula birth massage during labor can help to:

•  Reduce the need for pain relief
•  Shorten labor
•  Increase the potential for natural child birth
•  Improve the health of baby and mother

If you live in Federal Way and are considering the option to have a doula birth massage, get in touch with us to find out how this relaxing therapy can work for you.