Injury Massage • Work & Auto Accidents • Sports Injury


Each year the U.S. population suffers from muscular injuries.  Injury treatment massage will get you back in action.  Nicole Howard, LMP offers injury treatment massage.  Suffering from muscular strains and sprains?  You’ll get a comprehensive injury treatment program to help you recover.  Injury treatment massage uses no drugs or other risky treatment programs.  Nicole’s injury treatment massage is safe, site specific and works.  Injury treatment massage is a smart way to heal naturally from muscular injuries and any sports injury.   For your auto, sports or work accidents contact Essential Healing today.

  • Muscular treatment for sprains and strains
  • Recovery for auto accident injuries
  • Recovery from work injuries
  • Natural recovery for sports injuries
  • Insurance billing
  • Safe and site specific

Injury Treatment Massage for Auto Accidents


Auto accidents can lead to a number of muscular injuries.  Auto accidents can put you on the shelf for days, weeks or longer.  Recover from your auto accident faster with injury treatment massage.  Injury treatment massage for auto accidents takes time.  You won’t be rushed through with painful treatments.  Nicole Howard, LMP will assess your situation and come up with a safe injury treatment plan.  Injury treatment massage will relieve headaches, pain and tension caused by auto accidents.  Your insurance company will be billed.  All treatment notes can be sent to your doctor or attorney.

  • Treatment for injured muscles
  • Detailed chart notes for proof of muscular injuries
  • Works with your current doctor and personal injury attorney
  • Allows you to potentially recover faster
  • Headache, pain and tension relief
  • Injury treatment plan for a thorough recovery

Injury Treatment Massage for Work Accidents


Approximately 4.2 million U.S. workers are injured on the job each year.  Work related injuries lead to millions in lost wages.  Stay healthy to work with injury treatment massage for work accidents.  Work accidents can cause your muscles to lose strength.  Nicole Howard, LMP will get you back to work.   The length of your massage treatments is determined by the extent of your muscular injuries.  Nicole’s injury treatment massage is not a spa or relaxation treatment.  It’s designed to treat injured muscles, so you can get back to work.  Contact Nicole Howard, LMP for details.

  • Massage for work related injuries
  • Moderate to deep pressure
  • Treats injured muscles
  • Detailed treatment notes for L&I
  • Must attend all scheduled appointments
  • Updated treatment information sent to L&I

Injury Treatment Massage for Sports Injuries

small foot massage

What’s your favorite sport?  Today athletes of all ages are getting injured on and off the field or court.  Get injury treatment massage for sports injuries.  Nicole Howard, LMP has a child of her own that’s an athlete.  She knows what it’s like to have to deal with sports injuries.  Sports injury treatment is available for adults and children.  Sports injury treatment massage helps athletes to perform at safe and healthy levels.  Athletes get injury treatment massage.  You’ll get suggested stretches they can do on your own.

  • Range of motion testing
  • Treatment for sports related injuries
  • Moderate to deep tissue sports massage
  • Increases muscle flexibility and agility
  • For adults and children

Get the essential healing and relaxation you need.  Schedule your massage or Doula service with Nicole Howard, LMP today!