Massage for Fife Residents with Tense or Sore Muscles


Essential Healing is a trusted massage therapy center in Fife, run by massage therapist Nicole Howard, LMP. We provide a wide range of massage therapy services. We are known for being one of Fife, WA’s best massage therapy centers with a wonderful massage therapist. We have a pregnancy doula, sports injuries massage, and reflexology massage.

Muscle soreness is usually caused by overworked muscles and intense exercises. Overuse causes small tears in the muscle fibers, releasing the muscle’s cell content. The cell content creates inflammation, which will irritate the nerve fibers and cause pain.

Recent studies have found that massage therapy reduces the production of cytokines, compounds greatly involved in the muscle’s inflammation. It is also found to stimulate mitochondria to hasten the repair of the damaged muscles. Therefore, massage therapy done by a professional massage therapist is truly effective in helping to ease the pain from sore muscles for Fife residents.

For Fife residents that are living an active lifestyle, our massage therapist recommends doing the following:

•  Warm up before working out
•  Stretch your muscles well after the workout
•  Stretch them again after the workout

Massage Therapy Provides Relief to Fife Residents


Massage therapy uses several massage techniques. During massage therapy, our massage therapist will press, rub, and manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Our massage therapist will mostly use her hands and fingers, and sometimes also use forearms, elbows, or feet.

Fife residents can ask to receive massage therapy from an Essential Healing massage therapist for many purposes, including:

•  pain relief
•  sports injuries treatment
•  reduce stress
•  increased relaxation
•  minimize anxiety and depression

Massage Therapist Naturally Eases Tension and Provides Comfort


When you go to our massage therapy center in Fife, our massage therapist usually asks new Fife patients about the following:

•  medical history
•  symptoms experienced
•  desired results

Our massage therapist in Fife should determine how much pressure to apply by locating sore or painful areas. During a massage therapy session, Fife patients will either sit on a chair or lie on a table with your body covered with a sheet, except for the area that will be massaged. The massage therapist may apply oil or lotion to use on the skin.

In your massage therapy session, which should last for about an hour or longer, our massage therapist will make sure to provide Fife patients with a calm environment, as well as a relaxing and soothing massage.