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During the first trimester of pregnancy, a primary goal of massage is to provide relaxation and increase flow of the circulation systems. Stimulating the blood system pumps more energy-giving oxygen and nutrients into your cells and increases blood flow to the placenta. 

Muscle tension can slow down lymph flow, leaving you fatigued and at risk of toxemia. By stimulating this system, massage speeds up elimination of toxins and excess fluid, boosting your immunity and energy level.

And when it comes to morning sickness,  it is suggested that while bodywork won't completely relieve nausea, it can certainly diminish the queasiness.

In the second trimester, increasing weight of the baby can cause muscle soreness. "The mother's body starts going through more changes,so massage is used to relieve muscle spasms and ease structural changes."

Nicole Howard works to loosen joints, keeping them aligned, and soften the connective tissues, relieving backaches and leg cramps. Serving those pregnant women in Sumner, Bonney Lake,Orting and Puyallup Wa

Birth Doula Services • Pregnancy Massage


As pregnancy progresses and the abdomen enlarges, special positioning is required during massage. Up to the 24th week of pregnancy it is acceptable, for moms to be on their back with the right hip tilted up, taking pressure off the nerves and arteries. 

Another position that decreases stress on the back is side-lying, with the belly supported by a small wedge pillow. Nicole uses plenty of support pillows and cushions to make mom the most comfort during her massage.

During the final trimester's "home stretch," the baby begins to gain weight more rapidly, pressing against inner organs and shifting them about. Discomfort increases and the impending due date can cause added stress and anxiety.

At this stage, Nicole  focuses on trigger points to relieve pain while continuing to elicit relaxation throughout the body. Generally, during the last two weeks before mom's due date the therapist concentrates her techniques on preparing the mother's body for delivery.

Before getting a pregnancy massage, consult your doctor, especially if you are high-risk. While massage is a safe treatment, there are certain conditions that require your physician's approval and careful monitoring by the therapist. Of course,notifying Nicole immediately of any changes in your physical health, and consult your doctor about continuing the treatments should complications arise.


Some physicians may be unaware of the benefits of pregnancy massage and hesitant to recommend it. In these cases, the therapist can help by providing information that explains her specialized training and experience.

With Close proximity to Sumner Wa Nicole is able to serve all of your pregnancy massage needs.
Contact me today to ask about Doula Services as well. I would be happy to discuss the benefits of Pregnancy massage as well as having a Birth Doula present during the birth of your child.

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